TACT Bio-recovery are forensic cleaning technicians specialising in body fluid cleanup, crime scene recovery and meth lab decontamination.

Our Services

Meth Lab cleanup

Our biodegradable chemical methamphetamine neutralization process gives great results, often without the need to remove wall linings.

Forensic cleaning

We are trained to deal with suicide and crime scenes clean ups and can arrange the safe removal of bio-hazardous material.

Suicide cleanup

The Coroner, the ambulance and the police have left the mess behind. Seek a forensic cleaner who is trained to deal with the situation.

Crime Scene cleanup

Our knowledge of these situations means we know what to look for at a scene to ensure all traces of the trauma has been removed.

Specialised Restoration Services

Specialised cleaning services such as odour control, mould removal, smoke and fire damage and structural drying.

Hoarder & Squalor cleanup

There are often hidden dangers within the mess, such as pest faeces, mould and bacteria, that require the services of trained professionals and PPE equipment.

What is forensic cleaning?

Forensic cleaning uses specialised equipment and chemicals to decontaminate potentially hazardous situations, such as:

  • the removal of body fluid and tissue from crime scene or suicide
  • decontamination of property previously used as a meth lab
  • removal of facies, mould and bacteria from squalor situations.

TACT Bio-Recovery is equipped to cleaning any situation that contains trash, mess, filth, body fluids, pathogens, drug residue, faeces, mould and more.

Why choose TACT Biorecovery forensic cleaners?

We got the tools

Our trained technicians have all the personal protection equipment (PPE) to address these situations.

10 Years Experience

With over 10 years combined experience, we’re experts in the field.

Certified Experience

Our team are certified through Jenna Dyco and the IICRC.

You should never be exposed to contaminated sites. Call TACT Bio-recovery forensic cleaners first.

Don’t attempt it yourself

You should never be exposed to contaminated sites.

Often only obvious dangers can be seen with the naked eye. Unseen dangers from vapours, mould, bacteria and the psychological trauma from the actual site can cause other major health problems.

A trained forensic cleaning technician with the necessary personal protection equipment (PPE) must be employed to decontaminate the site until deemed safe to reuse.

Why is forensic cleaning more than just ‘cleaning’?

Just performing a normal cleanup in these situations can leave bacteria and blood borne pathogens behind, possibly causing disease and illness to whoever comes in contact with it.

Forensic cleaning is completed in a three stage process

  1. Safe removal and disposal of contaminated items
  2. Disinfect and neutralise the surroundings
  3. Return the affected area to its pre-contaminated condition

TACT Bio-recovery use only approved blood borne pathogen chemicals for disinfecting that meets all standards for blood borne pathogen cleaning, disinfecting and disposal.

Waste products generated at a scene must also be properly disposed. We can arrange the necessary permits to dispose of and transport bio-hazardous waste.