Hoarder & Squalor cleanup

Hoarding is not a new problem. It is only now with a proliferation of TV shows that people are becoming aware of growing problem.

Only in recent times has the condition been recognised as an illness rather than a way of life.

We are here to help – not judge

People need help and guidance, not someone to come in and throw everything away.

We will look through the physical situation and work with the client to help with their surroundings.

Don’t attempt it yourself! Often only obvious dangers can be seen with the naked eye. Unseen dangers from vapours, mould, bacteria and the psychological trauma from the actual site can cause other major health problems.


Following a radio interview on 3AW’s The Big House with Darren James, we were contacted by Steve and Judy who had a problem with mice and rats in one of their sheds.

Steve and Judy googled the risks of vacuuming rat and mice faeces and discovered that the dust can cause Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS). They knew they needed a professional.

Outcome: a fantastic job with clean concrete floors and the shed had an aroma of cherry blossom. 

TACT Biorecovery Letter of Recommendation

Affordable Faeces and Odour Removal for Hoarder/Squalor Situations

Let’s face it; no one likes to clean. We put it off, and if possible, we’ll pay someone else to take the endless chore off our hands. For hoarders, however, serious struggles recovering from trauma or managing mental health take the aversion to cleaning to potentially life-threatening levels. When mould, fungus, and faeces take over a property, a run-of- the-mill house cleaning service won’t suffice. Classified by most as living in squalor, the hoarder’s home comprises various hazards. Often kept in secret, the situation can progress unchecked for years. When the family doesn’t initiate intervention, the threat of losing custodial rights, complications from deteriorating health, or penalties from the public health department are often the catalyst sufferers need — still unwillingly — to accept help – that is, if it’s not too late. TACT Bio-Recovery offers an affordable hoarder house cleaning service to individuals and families ready to take that step.

TACT Bio-Recovery is Sensitive to Hoarding’s Psychological Resistance

Although somewhat trivialised by long-running entertainment TV series, hoarding is a serious psychological condition where individuals struggle to get rid of things. It’s compounded by an equally strong compulsion to collect material goods, leaving sufferers buried in homes packed so full they cannot efficiently maneuver or be reached in an emergency. Fuelled by mental distress instead of reason and practicality, sufferers’ homes become filled to the point of squalor. In the worst cases, plumbing stops working, odours from human and animal faeces overpower noses, and pets die, decaying within the home and exacerbating an already precarious health risk. TACT Bio-Recovery recognises the delicate circumstances involved in each client we help with squalor cleaning services. Instead of just hauling everything away, we’ll help you and your loved one work through the removal service.

Specialised Faeces Cleaning Services

Due to the level of the dust, mould, mildew, and fungus that are present in these homes, general cleaning services cannot provide the disinfecting strength nor proper removal procedures necessary to address the various hazards in the home – many you can’t see. More than unpleasant odours, human and animal waste harbour ammonia that can cause respiratory problems while decaying food (and animals) multiply bacteria that cause infections. Our odour removal service doesn’t just cover up smells, we find the source, remove it, then cleanse the area with professional industry-approved chemicals to restore the home to its pre-contamination condition.

TACT Bio-Recovery has partners Australia-wide that we can use from our 24-hour emergency services call centre. Don’t risk your health trying to clean the mess yourself. Not only are hoarder cleaning services taxing on the homeowner and their family, but it’s also unlikely that you have the specialised personal protective equipment needed to keep yourself safe. It’s particularly true when biological decay is involved. You may require special permits for the transport and disposal of biological wastes discovered in the home. We help you get the necessary permits so that your cleaning project runs smoothly. When the hazards are often smaller than the naked eye, the risk you’re taking cleaning on your own outweighs our affordable squalor cleaning services. Let us help you in your time of need, and we’ll get rid of the mess as though it never occurred.